Blog Action Day

I ran into this nice initiative on the web: Many bloggers blogging on one issue for one day. The issue is the environment. While I’m not an environment activist, this issue is important, and I almost always support activities of “green” movements.

Blog Action Day
Anyway, I’ll be participating in the Blog Action Day on October 15th.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Action Day

  1. Yohay, I’m back from vacation and finally back online. The kids will go back to school this coming monday so from that time on… no excuses for not posting! This blog action day is a great enterprise. With a different theme each year you can pull in a lot of different blogs. I’ll sign up next week as well.
    Have you made any side trips lately? We went to San Francisco for a week and then to Idaho for another week. I’ll be posting more about that either tomorrow or monday. I did post (just) a few pictures from the trip. We only used our digital cameras. It was fun to be out but good to be back. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed… wow, how’s that for a commentary on age.. (doesn’t it make you sound old??? lol)
    Anyhow, hope all is well..
    take care

  2. Ingrid, Nice seeing you back online! Yup, the blog action seems like a nice thing.
    Well, I haven’t made any side trips lately, but I’m glad to hear about yours. I’ll check out the pictures. Yup, also I prefer sleeping in my own bed than somewhere on the road…

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